COULD YOU BE IN LINE FOR A FINE?The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affects most small businesses – including sole traders and freelancers. From May 25th, 2018, rules about the personal data businesses are allowed to keep, how they get the information and how it’s stored will be enforceable, and fines for breaches of the law can be very costly.You could be fined up to £17million if you aren’t collecting or storing personal information correctly.Does GDPR apply to your VA business?Almost definitely.

  • Are you working as a freelance VA for clients?
  • Do you have a marketing mailing list?
  • Do you send out e-newsletters?
  • Do you have any kind of spreadsheet, database or software that holds personal details of people living in the UK or EU?

If so, you need to be aware of your obligations under GDPR. You can’t ignore this legislation, and a breach could be very expensive.

I’m Lesley Cooley, a BCS qualified Data Protection Officer with over 15 years data protection experience. I’ve created a simple guide for VA’s that takes you through the legal minefield of GDPR and tells you simply what YOU need to do.

I guide you through the business basics;

  • How and where the law applies to your business.
  • What changes you must make NOW.
  • When you are a ‘data controller’ or a ‘data processor’ – and what the difference is.
  • How to make sure that your email marketing sticks to the rules.
  • How long you can safely store information.

GDPR and VA’s

As a business owner myself looking for guidance about GDPR, I found the information available about GDPR over-complicated and confusing. Small business owners like you and I are busy enough without trying to detangle complicated legal terms and interpret regulations. We need simple, accurate and easy to use information.

So – I’ve stripped out all of the unnecessary jargon and made this training easy to understand and implement. I know you don’t have the time to wade through pages of legal speak so I’ve decoded the law for you and made it easy to find the parts that apply to your VA business.

I’ve created a complete guide that doesn’t just quote the law, it explains what YOU have to do. I explain in simple terms how to implement GDPR into your VA business, what you MUST do now and what will place you in the spotlight and in line for up to a £17m fine.


The training is presented in bite-size chunks and I’ve created a set of documents you can take away and use in your business NOW.

  • OVER 30 ‘How to’ videos.
  • Clearly presented information about GDPR targeted to YOUR small business.
  • Sample documents you can take away and use straight away.
  • Customisable downloads that can be adapted to your own small business.
  • Weekly Q&A Classes.
  • A FREE Facebook Group.

We all know that legislation can change; I’ll also keep a close eye on any updates and news and keep adding useful information.


You can find a sample data protection policy online for £300 – or you can sign up for GDPR Implementation for VA’s NOW and receive all of this useful content for £149.

This is a limited time only special offer which will not be repeated.

Buy now and make sure that YOU don’t get caught out by the new data protection rules!