As a small organisation, frequently you do not have the skills in house to provide all the guidance around data protection and information security that you would like. That’s where we come in. We can offer you a tailored package to meet your organisation’s needs.
How it works – This can be a one off assignment to cover training or policy development or support during a software implementation. Currently we are helping organisations improve their GDPR compliance. We agree how much resource you require and agree the length of time for support and what will be included and then we can be on site with you for that period of time. Most small organisations are looking at a day a month to cover all the areas they require. We work with your team, supporting, educating and creating an understanding of the requirements.
We can also act as the Data Protection Officer, where your organisation is required to have an experienced data protection officer because of the level or type of processing that you are undertaking.
We are your personal data protection and process improvement advisors.

We are very happy to have an informal discussion with you about all things GDPR, give us a call.