Every website needs a privacy policy setting out how personal information is used.

Do you know what you should include in a privacy policy?

Do you know how to write a privacy policy in an easy to understand way?

Business owners frequently struggle to understand what they need to be putting in a privacy policy. What the legislation requires and how best to show how the information is used. We look at so many privacy policies where the information is incorrect or poorly presented.

privacySave yourself the time and hassle working it out for yourself by using our Website Privacy Policy template.

We know that sometimes template documents can be confusing to know what you need to take out and what to say. We make it easy by providing a video taking you through the changes step by step. If a video is not how you like to work, there is also an audio track and a text document leading you through how to make the changes.

And there is email support to help you get it right, when you are stuck.

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