Gap Analysis

A gap analysis is for you if you want to understand how you collect, use, store and destroy information in your business and how this meets the current legislative requirements.

Our gap analysis will ensure that all areas of the legislation are covered. Each gap analysis is tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.

At the end of the review you will get a report that highlights the areas where you are doing well but also some recommendations for areas where your processes or procedures are letting you down and may be putting your business information at risk of loss, theft or misuse.

We have all seen the increase in news reports about organisations where they have lost information, emailed it to the wrong recipient, been hacked, subject to malware or ransonware. The Information Commissioners Office has been increasing fines and visibility to send the message that organisations are responsible for the information they collect and need to preserve the integrity of it.

We are very happy to have an informal discussion with you about all things GDPR, give us a call.