It’s happened again.

One of the most common data breaches and one which is easily avoided has happened to West Berkshire Council. So what happened?

Someone sent an email to 1,107 people about a leisure centre survey and didn’t hide the email addresses. As a result, everyone getting the email could see who else it had been sent to.

It’s really disappointing when these types of data breaches occur as they could so easily be avoided. Depending on the size of company, there are a number of simple actions which would work.

There are some simple solutions. When sending an email to a large number of people, you ask someone to check the email before the send button is pressed. That way you can make sure that the email addresses are in the BCC field. (It doesn’t get much simpler than that).

You could use software that automatically works to hide the email addresses of who else gets the email. A really safe way to send mass emails. (Make sure you choose a reliable email provider)

In larger companies, you can use software controls to limit the number of people to whom an email can be sent.

How are you preventing this really basic mistake?