We’ve been helping businesses get their privacy policies in place over the last couple of weeks. It’s been a surprise to find so many businesses not having a basis privacy policy in place on their website.

We write bespoke privacy policies. We also selling a template privacy policy which you can adapt for your use. There is no excuse for having a privacy policy which doesn’t meet the requirements.

So what should a privacy policy contain? There are a number of key elements including:


  • information about the organisation
  • contact details of the organisation
  • how personal information is used
  • the rights of the individual
  • the right to complain the Supervisory Body (in the Uk, the Information Commissioners Office (ICO))
  • Contact details for the Data Protection Officer (if one is appointed)
  • legal basis for processing
  • cookies
  • Legitimate interest use
  • If transfers are made outside the EEA
  • Who the information is shared with

It can be difficult to write an easy to read privacy policy especially when you might not understand the structure or language properly. Our advice is to get some help so that you know you are getting it right.