I had to telephone a company the other day to chase an order, when I called, the person who answered the phone asked me if I would mind holding as he was on another call. I said that was fine, but he didn’t mute himself or put me on hold. As a result I could clearly hear the conversation he was having with the other caller, which included taking their credit card details (including postcode and CSV number) which he repeated back to them.

Even worse when he got off the phone he forgot that I was still waiting for him to come back to me, and he started a conversation with his colleague about deliveries, so I heard all about the deliveries they were sending out that day.

In the end I hung up and called again. When I explained that they had put me on hold and then forgotten about me and that I had heard all about the credit card and deliveries, he explained that he was really busy and forgotten I was on hold.

I can understand that he is busy, and if he had put me on hold and muted me, then I wouldn’t had heard any of the company information he shared.

It did make me nervous about giving him credit card information as I didn’t know who might be listening..

Are you confident that you team when answering the phone, are maintaining the security of the caller or payment information? If not, give us a call and let us help you.