Can the ICO get in touch with you? What happens if they use the email address on your website?

Sometimes the ICO may wish to contact you. This may be if they have received a complaint from another person or organisation. Their first stop will be your website and they will probably use the email address shown there to send you an email. So what happens when you are not monitoring that email address? That happened recently to an organisation who had an email address on their website but because it filled with spam and sales messages, they weren’t actively looking at the emails. When the ICO sent them an email to this email address requesting more information in response to a complaint, the email was never read. The ICO then contacted the company by phone asking why they had missed the response deadline. Needless to say they weren’t happy at the lack of a response to their initial request and missed response deadline.

The lesson from this is to make sure that the email address on your website is an active email address which is being reviewed regularly. If you get an email from the ICO you should respond to it within the response period. If you need help responding to an ICO email or phone call, we can help with advice and support.