When we talk about how long to keep information, we should also be considering the sensitivity of that information. Can you identify information which is confidential and should be restricted access from other information? For example, personnel records would be considered confidential information. They would have access restricted to those who need to know. So how are you marking those records to provide that information?

It’s easy with paper records, you can just mark the folders or boxes, “CONFIDENTIAL”. You can create a watermark for documents when they are printed, so they are marked automatically. How will you achieve that with electronic records? Sometimes this takes a bit more thought. For example, you could include it in the file name, so it’s immediately obvious when looking at the record, the files sensitivity. It can be added to a header or footer (which will show the confidentiality when the file is opened). Or create electronic folders where confidential information is held and the access is only for those who need to see it. You need to consider the sensitivity of the information  in your business and what will work for you.

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