Working from home is becoming the norm. Staff who are used to working in an office environment are now working from home and trying to create an acceptable office environment.

From a productivity and security point of view, the best thing to do is to ensure that the space you are using to work from is a dedicated space. Even if it’s only a small desk in a corner of a room. Once you have your working space, you need to use it effectively. Set up the space so it is comfortable, have a proper office chair and set up your laptop or PC so it’s comfortable to use. Think about the requirements of a display screen assessment and get the computer setup right on this basis.

Make sure there is space to put your papers away at the end of the day. If you have children, they should be kept away from business paperwork.

When working from home, try to create breaks during the working day. When you have completed your work, walk away from your “office space” and leave work behind. Sometimes it is useful to go for a short walk to create distance between work and home. You may also find changing clothes has a similar distancing effect.

Working from home is not always easy and can be isolating at times, so make sure you have contacts you can speak to when the going gets tough. Stay in touch with your team. Have the occasional virtual coffee and cake with friends or colleagues. It’ll make working from home more enjoyable.